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As the development of Ghost Whisperer Game (PC/Mac) moved on to Case II, there’s something we would like to show the Ghost Whisperer Cancellation Support Group for their approval:

The Case II occurred in a haunted mansion owned by a toy fanatic, and its absolutely fun to create a place full of collectible toys! Since its a developer’s blog, why don’t we check out the progress together?

The very original version of the mansion.

The second revision of the mansion

The third revision. Not the final yet, but pretty close to what we were looking for!

And how can we forget the creepy Night Mode?

The dust...the darkness...anything is possible now...

A close-up look

Let’s check out what we are gonna make you solve in this case!

A sketched scene from Same As It Never Was

Considering yourself an artsie? Because this is what we are looking for…

Follow the trails of the sketch, and get yourself a fully-painted picture!

Of course there’s more, I just happened to enjoy teasing you folks. =]