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Keep on the lookout for upcoming announcements on the release of Ghost Whisperer case two: Forgotten Toys. We are nearing completion, and are super excited to bring more of Grandview, New York to life.

In case two, we are focusing on bringing to GW fans more of what they loved from case 1, and adding more varying styles of game play. The art is also looking great! The story centers around a rich family in Grandview that is having a bit of a ghost problem (who knew!). Below are some brand new environments for GW fans to explore:

Searching for clues in the mansion sunroom

This is the rich family's patriarch. How did he end up in the emergency room?

Just your average mansion bedroom, with heaps of toys lying around everywhere. Find out why in Ghost Whisperer Case Two!

That’s it for now, GW fans! Until next time, keep your eyes open, and your ears ready; you never know who or what might be trying to tell you something!

yiola pich says:

je veux jouer cette jeu

legacygames-admin says:

Bon! Vous serez heureux de savoir qu’il y aura une version Française!