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…that Ghost Whisperer case 1 – A Brush With Death is part of a compilation that has been the #1 selling PC game in Walmart for almost 2 months? Find out what why it’s been the best selling game by stopping by your Walmart today!

alzy this t says:

I bought this 3 pack at Walmart. First game jump from one scene to the middle of another. Then the next scene you could not advance. The second game would not load up at all. Took disk back to Walmart got another,same results!! BAD COPIES!!!

legacygames-admin says:

Hi Alzy,

Hmm which game were you having this issue with? Please email customerservice@legacyinteractive.com with this issue. It may be a known issue that we have a workaround for.

Evelyn says:

I went to walmart and bought this 3 pack game and to my luck only IMOMORTAL LOVERS, was the only one that worked. The other 2, by some reason are not working. Can you help me PLEASE. Thank You

legacygames-admin says:

Hi Evelyn,

Please email customerservice@legacyinteractive.com to receive help on this issue. It should be easily fixable!