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Name: Valerie Wicks

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Associate Producer

Favorite Classic Game: Chrono Trigger. Quote About Game: “Every moment is fun and every moment I care no matter how many times I play it. I’ve always loved Chrono Trigger for that- for being so good to me.”

Bio/Current Event:I went to film school, and still write for film when I’m not at work. The reason I’m in video games is because while I was trained for movies, I believe I come from games. Games were my most beloved influence all the way up until college. All my “movies” play like games, so I decided it was in my best interest to transition! In my new career I tested for Square Enix, and then I was hired as an Associate Producer at Legacy Interactive. Now I’m working on Producing my first game, Ghost Whisperer, with Don and it’s great!

Sara says:

welcome can’t wait to see the game and own it :)

legacygames-admin says:

Hi Sara thank you for being here. The game has been beautifully developed, I am sure you will like it once its done =]